Traveling pets

Should you take your pet with you or leave him at home. What is involved with pet travel?

Why is lucky slowing when he seems fine….

Just like humans, pets begin to show signs of aging and it can begin at different times in the pets’ lives. Some pets may show signs earlier than others, especially the larger breeds because they have a shorter life expectancy.

Slithering Dangers

Now that it is warm everyone is going to be heading outdoors. Whether it be your backyard on John’s Island or the James Island County Park. This brings a new threat to your pets. In the state of South Carolina there are 38 snakes, 6 of which are venomous. This means that you have to… Read more »

The Cat in the Vet

Why do I need to struggle with my indoor cat to take him to the vet for vaccines and a check-up?

Biannual Exams and Senior Pets

Pets need a biannual exams to catch any new issues, this is even more important when the pet is a senior and needs added preventative care.


Ask any cat owner what they dread the most and they will say taking their cat to the veterinarian… Read More

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