Angel Oak Animal Hospital performs and offers a typical range of common professional veterinary services and products, but it is how we deliver them that provide the greatest value, and unique experience to pet owners and their companions.


7D2A1099Continuity of care is a relationship with your veterinarian that is ongoing over time, during periods of health and illness. When your veterinarian knows your pet thoroughly, they can understand your specific needs for information and care related to their illness. Angel Oak Animal Hospital is a one-doctor practice with a small staff that has worked together for a long time. We form close relationships with our clients, and have a thorough working knowledge of their pets because they see the same caregivers each visit. Continuity of care reduces the risks of unnecessary testing and the potential for medical errors. Your veterinarian will already know your pet’s past medical history and daily circumstances, so that any decisions made will be the best ones for your companion.


7D2A1024The goal of our proactive wellness program at Angel Oak Animal Hospital is to maintain homeostasis at a physical, mental, and emotional level for your pet. It is designed to strengthen the companion animal bond, and to promote vitality and longevity. The program is comprehensive and complete, and covers a wide variety of topics from the day you bring your pet home through their golden years. We focus on proactive medicine whose key features are prevention and early disease detection, and has also been shown to improve overall patient outcomes. Prevention is better than the cure!


Immunizations are based on current accepted recommendations, and tailored to each individual patient based on their risks. Puppies and kittens are well boostered to establish adequate immunity. Dr. Gruhler uses only the safest made vaccines for cats and dogs, utilizes three-year vaccines when possible, and tries to take a minimalist approach without compromising protection.


Veterinary medicine encompasses a wide range of disciplines. The entire staff at Angel Oak Animal Hospital is highly proficient in internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, hematology, immunology, endocrinology, cardiology, pharmacology, and toxicology, to name a few. Board certified specialists are available for complex cases or advanced diagnostics.


Elective surgeries such as spaying and neutering, a wide range of soft tissue surgeries, and limited orthopedics are performed in a sterile surgical suite. Your pet is not just a number at Angel Oak Animal Hospital. We value the relationship we have with pet and owner and we want them both to have a positive experience during this stressful time. We insist on a very light surgery schedule so we can cater to the individual needs of each pet to provide a loving and gentle experience with optimal patient outcome. We take our time to let pets acclimate, reassure them if they are nervous, and hold them as they recover. Board certified surgeons are available for consult and complex or advanced procedures.


Competent basic and intermediate dentistry is slowly becoming a practice standard and clients SHOULD expect this level of care for their beloved companions. The staff at Angel Oak Animal Hospital is dedicated to tackling dental disease and we have made it the number one priority to ensure optimal pet health and happiness. Read more…


Dr. Gruhler and staff understand the anxiety pet owner’s have about their beloved companion going under general anesthesia, so we have taken every step to ensure their safety, and that the benefits far out-weigh the risks. Features include:

  • TWO highly skilled veterinary technicians are assigned to each pet
  • Monitors-temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, EKG
  • Heating pad
  • Short-acting or reversible induction agent for safety & rapid recovery
  • All patients receive IV Fluids
  • All patients are intubated
  • All patients get a pre-anesthetic exam
  • Veterinarian supervised
  • Lab work is highly recommended in patients over 6 years old


Kitten2We understand catching, crating, and driving your furry feline to the vet can be a daunting task. The staff Angel Oak Animal Hospital is particularly adept at working with felines of ALL personalities. We handle our kitty friends in a gentle manner, and try to address their special needs. We provide a dedicated cat exam room with a non stainless steel counter, and a “happy hormone” diffuser for their comfort, far away from dogs.



Angel Oak Animal Hospital tries to accommodate your busy schedule with complimentary drop-off appointments. Please call for information.


7D2A1018Angel Oak Animal Hospital performs cold laser therapy for many conditions in pets, particularly those with arthritis. Laser therapy uses wavelengths of light at certain frequencies to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The laser beam is moved over the skin so that the light energy penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various molecules that cause different biological effects. It provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits for a host of conditions. Read more…


Give yourself some peace of mind knowing your pet could be identified and returned to you in the event they became lost. Microchip implant identification is available at Angel Oak Animal Hospital for your pet anytime, and especially during an elective surgery. We maintain our own database, and screen lost pets for chips. Chips are registered with Petlink.


Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? Is your cat urinating outside the litter box? The entire staff at Angel Oak Animal Hospital is well versed in pet behavior, but Cathy has been training dogs and helping pet owners with behavior problems for many years. Topics may include: aggression, noise phobias, trouble house breaking, introducing new baby, introducing new pet, and separation anxiety.


A full service laboratory is available for routine and advanced diagnostic testing and screening.


Angel Oak Animal Hospital knows that digital x-rays are a better value than film x-rays for you and your pet. They can be taken faster, the diagnostic quality is greatly improved, and they can be sent to a specialist or radiology consultant for further review if need be.


Some things are better left to a specialist! Angel Oak Animal Hospital has a close working relationship with local board certified specialists who serve as an extension of our practice in providing you and your pet excellence in advanced veterinary medicine, surgery, and diagnostics along with optimal care.


Creekside Pet Retreat on Johns Island is a well-established reputable dog-boarding kennel and cattery, and the home of Dovetail Labradors. Dr. Gruhler is available around the clock to the staff of Creekside as a courtesy to our clients.


Angel Oak Animal Hospital wants to provide you with one stop shopping, and to make sure you are purchasing and properly using the right products for your pet. We are fairly competitive with Internet pharmacies and can often beat their prices with manufacturer rebates/specials. I think you will find our assistance in providing you with the right information invaluable. Products purchased also come with the manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  • Pet Care Supplies
  • Oral Home Care Products
  • Prescription Food
  • Flea & Tick Products
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Supplements
  • Pain Medications