Dental disease is the most common chronic infection in pets. It causes significant pain and suffering, and can adversely affect many other organs. Veterinarians have largely neglected pet oral health. Competent basic and intermediate dentistry is slowly becoming a practice standard and clients SHOULD expect this level of care for their beloved companions. The staff at Angel Oak Animal Hospital is dedicated to tackling dental disease and we have made it the number one priority to ensure optimal pet health and happiness.

Dr. Gruhler and staff are committed to helping your pet thrive when it comes to oral disease. We have spent the past five years or more improving our skills and knowledge by attending dental conferences, wet-lab, and self-study. The dental suite includes a high-speed dental unit, various instruments, and a digital dental x-ray unit. We are proficient in performing proper dental prophylaxis, simple extractions, gingival flaps for surgical extractions and periodontal debridement, and intra-oral radiography.

“High quality dentistry is the most gratifying of anything I do in my practice as I can greatly improve a pet’s quality of life in a single day!”-Ben Gruhler, DVM

Gingivitis and periodontal disease runs rampant in pets. Many cats have resorptive lesions. Dogs have severely worn teeth or fractured teeth. This is only the tip of the iceberg! Many of these pets already have significant bone loss, painful non-vital teeth, and painful tooth root abscesses. These pets suffer in silence until these problems are found and treated appropriately. Professional dentistry combined with effective oral home care is highly recommended for your pet.

DENTAL PROPHIES begin with a thorough oral exam under an extremely safe general anesthetic protocol. Every tooth is probed and charted, and the entire oral cavity examined. Patients are intubated so the airway is protected from bacteria and fluids. The teeth are then carefully scaled and polished above and below the gum line being sure to not injure the gingiva. Intra-oral x-rays are then taken to check for problems below the gumline. The dental team reviews all the findings, creates a treatment plan, which is then communicated to the pet owner.

ORAL SURGERY employs the use of sutured gingival flaps for ALL extractions to avoid painful open dry sockets, synthetic bone grafts, and subgingival curettage.

ORAL HOME CARE should begin once a pet’s mouth is comfortable i.e. following a professional cleaning. Angel Oak Animal Hospital uses a practical and unique approach for effective oral home care in pets. Dr. Gruhler and staff will introduce you to various products and techniques, and teach you how to care for your pet’s mouth as you are the best one to maintain your pet’s oral health.

Benefits of Professional Dentistry and Oral Home Care

  • Eliminate oral pain
  • Promote overall health & well being
  • Protect organs
  • Prevent harmful disease
  • Increase longevity
  • Fresh breath
  • Cost effective